Pets are part of our families so it’s normal that we would want to include them in our family holiday.

Taking a family holiday as a pet owner still seems to be a choice between expensive kennels and spending your holidays worrying that your pet is OK, leaving your pet with family members or choosing  to spend your holidays locally.

The majority of dog owners (83%) rank a destination with dog-friendly accommodation as the most important factor when planning holidays with the whole family. Casa Benjamina welcomes most pets (dogs <18 kg) to come and enjoy the holidays with their own families!

There is always a fresh bowl of water and some treats waiting for our furry guests. Please make sure you contact us before confirming your booking as there’s a small supplement that needs to be added to the price of your stay.

Tips for travelling with pets

At Casa Benjamina we want to make your stay as comfortable as possible so if you are booking a holiday with your beloved pets we will do our best to make available to you a list of recommended vets and vets hospital in the area. The best way to care for your pets when travelling is to be informed… Always pack the essentials and don’t forget to bring a blanket or your pet’s favourite toy from home to help them feel more comfortable while away.

The concept of ‘dog-friendly’ can vary greatly from place to place and more so in Spain. In some areas, shops offer special facilities or allow pets indoors, while other regions are more strict in terms of having pets in public spaces. It’s also important to keep in mind that in central and south  Spain (and specially our location in Mijas), at certain periods of the year, can be extremely hot, so it’s fundamental to make sure that you dog can tolerate the heat and to always be prepared with some water. For these reasons, it’s crucial to do your research before choosing the destination of your holiday when travelling with your pets.

Here is a checklist (though not an exhaustive one) that will help you plan and enjoy travelling with your pet and creating great memories while on holiday:
  • Pet Passport including valid rabies vaccinations as well as any medical records specific to your pet.
  • Any medications your pet takes regularly.
  • Contact info for your regular vet.
  • Grooming products i.e. Comb or brush and flea control products.
  • Towels.
  • Your dog’s favourite toy and blanket.
  • Dog food and dog treats for the entire trip; long-lasting edible chews are a great idea for long journeys by plane or car. You can also check the dog food and treat offers in local supermarkets to see if they suit your dog.
  • Food and water dishes.
  • Lead, poop bags plus spare collar & lead.
  • ID tag (plus spare) which includes address and your mobile phone number. A GPS tracking device such as Tractive is never a bad idea.
  • A first aid kit for your dog.
  • Dog seat-belt if you are taking your own car or hiring a car (check with your car hire company about their pet policy before booking and adhere to their regulations).
  • A list of dog-friendly attractions, beaches and parks, and restaurants in the area.

We will keep posting interesting information that will help plan your holiday with your pets a bit easier so you don’t have to let them behind again.

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